This year, 2008 is the 25th Anniversary of the formation of Turquoise Trail Association, a group of business owners and artists that live along Highway 14, also called Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway. The group’s aim is to bring public attention to the State and National Scenic Byway as the “Artful Way to Santa Fe”. A few dedicated members brought the Turquoise Trail Association to its start in 1983; Rex Borough-Grey Line Tours, Ross and Carla Ward-Tinkertown, Hank & Ede Salkeld-The Mineshaft Tavern, E.J and Marge Mitchell-What Not Shop, Joni Conrad-Madrid Earthenware Pottery, Fred Thompson-Santo Domingo Trading Post, and The Barn Dinner Theatre were founding members.

A contest was held by the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce in 1953 to solicit names for the highway and among the entrees was Turquoise Trail, a perfect fit. The winner, Rita Simmons, an artist from Albuquerque submitted this name and won a set of luggage.   

The Turquoise Trail Association prints and distributes 150,000 brochures featuring the historic, scenic and natural sites, also the shops and galleries along the byway. They are members of the Visit Albuquerque, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association of New Mexico.

The Association website is where one can find history, photo’s, member listings, multi language translation, community events and gallery openings. View details of the 25th Anniversary celebration “Spring Fling” the weekend of Saturday, May 3 & Sunday, May 4.