What: Two-month arts collaboration with 25 participating organizations, organized by 516 ARTS
When: October - November 2010
Where: 516 ARTS, Central SW, Downtown Albuquerque & multiple venues and sites around Albuquerque
Info: 505-242-1445, www.516arts.org
Schedule: STREET ARTS guide available in early September, or visit www.516arts.org
Contact: Suzanne Sbarge, Project Director, 516 ARTS, suzanne@516arts.org, 505-242-1445
516 ARTS, in partnership with the ACLU-NM and local arts organizations, presents STREET ARTS: A Celebration of Hip Hop Culture & Free Expression, a multi-layered collaboration during October and November 2010 in Albuquerque, featuring local, national and international artists in a major exhibition at 516 ARTS, and a packed schedule of performing and literary arts events, mural projects, tours of street arts projects, panel discussions, a Hip Hop Film Festival and a Spoken Word Festival.

The STREET ARTS project celebrates art in the urban environment and explores issues of freedom of expression. It centers around the two-part exhibition Street Text: Art From the Coasts & The Populist Phenomenon at 516 ARTS, examining Street Art and its evolution into an international cultural movement. Art from the Coasts, curated by Andrew Connors, Curator of Art at The Albuquerque Museum, compares masters of graffiti art from Los Angeles and New York, including the work Chaz Bojorquez, Gajin Fujita, John Lorne, Lady Pink and Henry Chalfant. The Populist Phenomenon, curated by Francesca Searer of 516 ARTS, examines street artists’ work as a means of expressing a message to the masses. Featured New Mexico artists include Ernest Doty, Jaque Fragua, Stevan Gutierrez, Thomas Christopher Haag and Albert Rosales; and national and international artists include Shepard Fairey, Gaia, Mark Jenkins, Alexandre Orion, Chris Stain, Slinkachu, SWOON and Chip Thomas. Several of these artists are also featured in a series of new Downtown murals.

Many of the programs and events for the STREET ARTS celebration focus on educating young people about their civil liberties. This project helps connect New Mexico artists, performers and audiences with a larger dialogue that is happening around the globe. Special guest performers for the Spoken Word Festival, titled SHOUT-OUT: A Festival fo Rhythm & Rhyme (November 4-7), include Amiri Baraka and Cecil Taylor, Kevin Coval, Amalia Ortiz and Idris Goodwin, and featured New Mexico poets include Carlos Conteras, Hakim Bellamy, Saywut?!, Sina Soul and Tanaya Winder. Additional guest performing artists for STREET ARTS include South African poet/actor Jonathan Khumbulani Nkala, Cuban born drummer/composer Dafnis Prieto with rapper Kokayi, the dance company Molodi from New York, and more. The schedule features many talks and panel discussions such as History of Style with art and cultural critic Dave Hickey, Connecting the Dots: Street Arts and Public Funding presented by the City of Albuquerque Public Art Program, and Defending Artistic Liberty presented by ACLU-NM.

The lead organization for this collaboration is 516 ARTS, a vibrant, independent, nonprofit center for contemporary art in New Mexico and a hub for the arts in Downtown Albuquerque’s revitalization.
25 Participating Organizations:
516 ARTS
The 5G Gallery
ABQ Ride
ABQ Trolley Co.
Albuquerque Academy
Albuquerque MainStreet
The Albuquerque Museum
Albuquerque Public Art Program & Cultural Services Dept.
Amy Biehl High School
BECA: Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art
The Cell Theatre & FUSION Theatre Company
Church of Beethoven
Creative Albuquerque
Downtown Action Team
Global DanceFest
The Guild Cinema
KiMo Theatre & Art Gallery
KUNM Radio
N4th Theater
National Hispanic Cultural Center
New Studio A.D.
The Outpost Performance Space
Warehouse 508
Working Classroom

Aditional Contacts:
Franceca Searer, 516 ARTS, francesca@516arts.org, 505-242-1445
Andrew Connors, The Albuquerque Museum, aconnors@cabq.gov, 505-764-6513
Idris Goodwin, Spoken Word Festival, goodwright@gmail.com, 319-400-3817

Separate press releases available from 516 ARTS include:

STREET TEXT: Art From the Coasts & The Populist Phenomenon
Exhibitions at 516 ARTS with and off-site projects
(October 2 - December 11)

Downtown Mural Projects for STREET ARTS
516 ARTS partners with Downtown businesses to bring new life to the urban landscape
(launching October 1 for STREET ARTS)

SHOUT-OUT: A Festival of Rhythm & Rhyme
Spoken Word Festival presented by 516 ARTS, ACLU-NM, The Outpost Performance Space & Church of Beethoven (November 4 - 7 at multiple venues)

Amiri Baraka & Cecil Taylor, with Idris Goodwin at the KiMo Theatre
Keynote performance for SHOUT-OUT A Festival of Rhythm & Rhyme
(Saturday, November 6)