Albuquerque, NM – You, as locals, really know what makes Albuquerque authentic – our food, our events, our culture, our landscape, our sunsets, and the list goes on. Mayor Richard J. Berry thinks it is our people. His story begins by saying “The soul of a city is its people, and Albuquerque, no doubt, has great soul.”

“My story is written in Albuquerque” is a civic pride campaign that aims to engage Albuquerque residents in sharing and appreciating all that our city has to offer. Mayor Berry, our chief storyteller, knows that great stories are experienced in our own backyard and we hope to hear from residents in all walks of life describing how their story has been written in Albuquerque.

The campaign is organized by the Visit Albuquerque (Visit Albuquerque) and supported by the City of Albuquerque and media partners across the metro area. The goal is to ensure that we are capitalizing on the power of the hundreds of thousands of Albuquerque ambassadors living here. After all, nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, so the benefits of ensuring that locals are strong ambassadors, and sharing their positive Albuquerque experiences with potential visitors, are significant.

The campaign website, allows locals to submit their story and a photo that describes why they choose to make this community their home. Once you submit your story, you can send the link to others to encourage their participation.

“I am excited to take part in this effort to improve Albuquerque’s self image. We are surrounded by so many wonderful stories and experiences that are often taken for granted living here. Let’s all share in this community building endeavor in order to really embrace all that our city has to offer,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.

“This campaign aims to grow a citizenry of local ambassadors. Our daily work promotes the city as a destination for visitors and convention delegates from other places. The goal of this campaign is to capture the stories and different viewpoints about why we love calling this city home, which are many of the same reasons people visit,” said Dale Lockett, president/CEO of the Visit Albuquerque. “Hearing stories from our residents will help us showcase the vast array of experiences that are available in our city – to locals and visitors alike.”

ABQ Story Examples:
“As an Albuquerque native, I have planted my roots deep here and my dream to own a farm has become a reality. It always makes me smile to walk the fields and see our 40 acres full of life and feeding our community. As a kid, I used to call the soil along the banks of the Rio Grande my playground. Now, I get to call it my office.”
- Monte, farmer

“I am originally from Minnesota but had the opportunity to relocate with my job. I chose to come to Albuquerque. We live in a small village north of the city in an area where wild horses roam and sometimes even a lost cow will come by! I may be a transplant, but this is my home. Every day is truly like a vacation.”
- Lisa, transplant

Become the “Ultimate Albuquerque Ambassador”:
Stories will be displayed on throughout the summer. By submitting a genuine, thoughtful story, residents are eligible to be named the “Ultimate Albuquerque Ambassador” this fall. The deadline to submit stories is September 5, 2011. The public will be invited to vote on the finalists to determine whose story gives them the right to be named the “Ultimate Albuquerque Ambassador.”

Not only will the winner receive the title of “Ultimate Albuquerque Ambassador,” they will also win a trip for two of their friends or family to visit them here – and share in their Albuquerque story.

Share your story today!
Local residents are also encouraged to invite their friends and family to come share in their Albuquerque story by sending a Virtual Albuquerque Visitors Guide. The link is available on along with information on free and discounted activities throughout the city.

Visit today to share why you believe Albuquerque is such an amazing place to live. Review others’ stories on the website or follow the buzz on Twitter via @myABQstory and through the #myABQstory hashtag.

Media Partners
This campaign would not be possible without the generous support of the following media partners: AGM Radio Group, Albuquerque The Magazine, Citadel Broadcasting, Clear Channel Outdoor, Clear Channel Radio, KASA and KRQE News 13 and KOB-TV. They have shown their support of the tourism industry and their desire to increase the number of local ambassadors sharing their Albuquerque story.