The Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway Committee is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new logo for the Byway.
The logo is the result of the collaboration of Committee members from Estancia, Moriarty, Edgewood, Manzano Land Grant, Mountainair, Friends of Tijeras Pueblo, Single Action Shooting Society, National Forest Service, and the NM Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society, with assistance from Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) staff.

“The Mid-Region Council of Governments is pleased to provide staff support to the Byway Committee as part of our on-going support of the Mid-Region Rural Transportation Planning Organization,” said Dewey Cave, MRCOG Executive Director.

The new Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway logo will be used to identify the Byway on promotional materials for events along the Byway as well as on the Byway’s website ( and Facebook page.

The Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway celebrates the communities and Spanish Missions along the roadway loop that runs from Moriarty south to Willard, west to Mountainair, north to Tijeras, and then east to Moriarty. The Byway also includes links west to the Abo Mission ruins and south to Gran Quivera. The transportation, trade, and use of salt from the salt lakes in the Estancia Basin provides the common link between these various points and is celebrated in the new Byway logo.

Communities and organizations along the Byway will be asked to incorporate the new logo into their promotional material as much as possible, and to provide links to the Byway webpage. The Byway website provides information about upcoming events along the Byway. If communities and organizations would like to have their events posted on the site, they can contact Loretta Tollefson at