Albuquerque, NM- Today, the American Planning Association (APA) named Nob Hill in Albuquerque, as one of five Great Neighborhoods on the organization's annual Great Places in America list, which marks the kick-off of APA's National Community Planning Month celebration.
"Here in Albuquerque, we all know that Nob Hill has long been a vibrant gem for visitors and locals alike," said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "It is such an honor to now be recognized nationally for this historic neighborhood. As one of the host neighborhoods for the ART Project, Nob Hill is at the cornerstone of progressive planning to help make Albuquerque a city that current and future residents can be proud to call their home."

As part of National Community Planning Month, APA's Great Places in America program recognizes streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces in the United States demonstrating exceptional character, quality, and planning-attributes that enrich communities, facilitate economic growth, and inspire others around the country. The Great Neighborhoods, Great Streets, and Great Public Spaces of 2016 are places that are unique and exemplary in their amenities and infrastructure, cultural identity, and use of sustainable and innovative practices.

Nob Hill sprung up around the golden age of road trips and cruising inspired by Route 66, which now serves as Central Avenue. The community is credited with having played a central role in much of the preservation and bustling culture the neighborhood knows today; but it's the city's progressive planning efforts -past, present and future-that have created an even greater Nob Hill.
The planning successes of Nob Hill extend beyond its commitment to preservation and maintaining a vibrant and rich culture. Nob Hill is the backdrop for two City of Albuquerque forward-looking visions currently underway: construction of a bus rapid transit route along Central Avenue, as well as modernizing zoning and development regulations in Albuquerque by implementing an Integrated Development Ordinance. The ordinance will allow for high quality, mixed-use transit-oriented development along its major transit corridors, including Nob Hill.

Since launching the Great Places in America program in 2007, APA has recognized 260 neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces around the country. Places are selected annually and represent the gold standard in terms of having a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement, and a vision for the future.

In addition to Nob Hill, APA also recognized the following neighborhoods this year: Downtown Santa Ana, Santa Ana, California; Midtown Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia; Old Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky; and Downtown Warren, Warren, Rhode Island.

"The neighborhoods on this year's list are a testament to the critical role of planning in creating more dynamic, equitable, economically healthy communities," said Carol Rhea, FAICP, president of APA. "Through careful thought, foresight, innovation, and cooperation, this year's designees are building better places to live, work, play, and visit and setting an example for other neighborhoods nationwide. We congratulate them on their efforts and this worthy distinction."