The leading golf entities in New Mexico and West Texas created the Sun Country Golf House. The Sun Country PGA and the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association have combined staffs and resources to share in bettering, building and improving golf in the area.

"Both groups have the same mission of promoting, growing and providing a platform of enjoyment in regards to the game of golf," said Matt Williams, newly appointed executive director of the Golf House. "They have just always done it through different avenues. It made sense in the long term to combine resources and cast a wider net of influence while trying to achieve those goals together. We're really excited about some of the things we've already sketched out as the groups move forward together for the first time."

With the retirement of longtime Sun Country PGA executive director John Speary at the end of the year, the Board of Directors for the Sun Country PGA and the SCAGA turned to Williams to head up the implementation of the new initiative. Having previously been the executive director for the SCAGA, Williams will now take the reins of the Sun Country PGA and the other entities at the Golf House, tying them into one unified entity.

Setting up shop in Rio Rancho, N.M., the Golf House not only consists of the Sun Country PGA and the SCAGA, but also the Rio Grande Golf Course Superintendent's Association, the New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance and Sun Country Junior Golf Tour.

"All of our associations have existed side-by-side for so many years, but we were unfortunately stepping over the top of each other and needlessly doubling efforts to accomplish similar goals," said Sun Country PGA vice president and Twin Warriors head pro, Derek Gutierrez. "This streamlining of efforts and resources, along with the direction of Matt Williams, will allow us to achieve those things more efficiently while increasing the scope of things we want to accomplish to help grow the game of golf."

The collaboration will allow for a more efficient plan and means of execution for all of golf's governing bodies in the Sun Country area. The primary focuses will be educating the public on the organizations, providing a tournament program for PGA professionals and amateurs, executing a top-notch junior tour for young golfers, making New Mexico and West Texas a national golfing destination for those outside our borders, and generally improving and promoting the game of golf in the area.

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