Albuquerque, NM -  “Take a Bite out of this!  From Corn to Commodity,” is a new exhibition coming to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) that presents artistic perspectives on the many ways food and water shape indigenous communities.
          This multi-sensory exhibition will feature the artwork of many well-known traditional and contemporary Native American artists in a mixed media show that will run from June 2 through December 31.  The opening day on June 2, is free to the public.
          Guest curator, Elysia Poon said “We all experience and are inspired by food in so many different ways and wanted to explore this theme from multiple perspectives. We brought together a wide range of artists for this exhibit, from the internationally renowned to our new and upcoming generations.”  The impressive list of artists include Neal Ambrose Smith (Flathead Salish/Metis/Cree), Diego Romero (Cochiti Pueblo), Steven Deo (Creek/Euchee,) Maria Martinez & Popovi Da (San Ildefonso Pueblo), and many more.
          Poon mentioned the show also features some of the artists’ favorite recipes.  She said there is an interactive portion of the exhibit where visitors will be able to share their own personal recipes as well as copy all available recipes for their own personal use.   
          The exhibit is part of a series of programming hosted by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center titled “Community Connections: Native Food and Wellness” that includes: collaborative lectures between IPCC, National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the Pueblo of Acoma’s Haak’u Museum; panel discussions; exciting community based projects, a summer camp (“Dig It!”) and many other exciting events and activities.  The detailed activity listing is on or call 505-843-7270 for more information.