ALBUQUERQUE – The National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) is proud to present an afternoon celebration of Mexican and Irish cultures on Sunday, September 12th beginning at 3 pm in the NHCC Albuquerque Journal Theatre. The NHCC is located on the corner of 4th Street and Avenida César Chávez. Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for students, seniors and NHCC members. Children under 12 are free.

“Día de los San Patricios” will include live Irish and Mexican music and dance, food, a film excerpt and panel discussion. This celebration is based in part on an event during the Mexican American War of 1846 – 1848 when the San Patricio Battalion fought for Mexico. Musicians will interpret music from the region of Veracruz, Mexico and Ireland and play traditional instruments like the Mexican jarocho harp and the bagpipes and tin whistle so much a part of Irish folk music. Presenting in both English and Spanish, performers will address life, love, war, loss, and the resiliency of two cultures which at different times in their histories have had to endure challenging events. A documentary film by producer Mark Day entitled “The San Patricios: The Tragic Story of the St. Patrick’s Battalion” which chronicles a time when both Irish and Mexicans were on the same side in battle will be screened followed by a discussion. The purpose of the celebration, as stated by on of the organizing groups, “is to bring together two vibrant cultures that live together in a community and that share many similarities. Both love poets, song, drink, sorrow and unbridled happiness when celebrating and both are very nationalistic.”

Día de los San Patricios is sponsored by the NHCC, Mexican Consulate in Albuquerque, the General Consul of Ireland in San Francisco, the Irish American Society, the NM Department of Cultural Affairs and the Irish Freedom Committee.

The NHCC, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Hispanic art and culture at the local, state, national, and international levels.