ALBUQUERQUEThe National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) is pleased to announce the changeover to a new in-house ticketing system for its Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts.  The NHCC, which had been under contract with Ticketmaster since 2004, will launch its new system at 10 am on Tuesday, August 3.  The Center’s box office can now provide phone sales for tickets to its performing arts events (music, dance, theatre, and film) as well as sell tickets directly through its own website. 

            In the past, all phone and Internet sales were required to go through Ticketmaster.  Under the new system NHCC will control all ticket sales from its box office and website.  Ticket buyers will now realize cost savings as the handling fee will be lower than before.  Through August 2nd, tickets will not be available on-line, and can only be purchased either by phone through the Center’s box office at 505/724-4771 or in person at the NHCC.  After August 3rd, tickets will be available on-line at the NHCC website at, by phone, and in person.  The NHCC is located at 1701 4th Street SW on the corner of 4th and Avenida César Chávez. 
            The NHCC, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Hispanic art and culture at the local, state, national, and international levels.