Albuquerque. The Instituto Cervantes is proud to present Bicentenary of Latin America film series, staring Thursday September 30th through October 28th, 7pm at the Bank of America Theatre, National Hispanic Cultural Center.
This film-series includes a variety of Latino American films that take a look at Spanish industry and people and the ongoing relationship and cinematographic cultures of Spain and Latin America. With a combination of co-produced films, Latin-American directors working in Spain and documentaries of Spain´s view of Latin America, these films show centuries of co-existence, with each culture blending into the other. Starting in the 20th Century, these films include professionals who were constantly crossing the Atlantic, bringing and taking culture back and forth with them.
The selection of films includes:
Film: Cachimba/Argentina, Chile, España, 2005. 131 minutes/Direction: Silvio CaiozziProduction: Viriato Films, S.L. (España), Andrea Films (Chile) y Zarlek Producciones, S.A. (Argentina)

Film: Un oso rojo/Red Bear/Argentina, 2002. 94 minutos/Dirección: Adrián Caetano/Producción: Lita Stantic (Argentina)/Spanish
Film: El milagro de Candeal/España, 2004. 133 minutos/Dirección: Fernando TruebaProducción: Fernando Trueba P.C., S.A., Iberautor Promociones Culturales, S.R.L. y
B.M.G. Music Spain, S.A.
Spanish/English Subtitles

Film: Otilia Rauda/México, 2001. 110 minutes/Direction: Dana Rotberg/Prodution: Alameda Films

Short films session: Bregman, el siguiente/Uruguay, España. 13 minutos/Dirección: Federico Veroj/Producción: Baobab 66 Films (España), Amberial II(Uruguay) El balancín de Iván/España, 2003. 20 minutos/Dirección: Dario Stegmayer/Producción: Concepción García Jubany y Cinegestión, S.L. Atrapados en el paraíso/España, 2001. 58 minutos/Dirección: Cecilia Barriga/Producción: Tornasol Films

All films are free to the public. For more information please call 505-724-4777 or visit