ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Albuquerque and its iconic red and green chile is among top contenders to be named the best regional food in America by A battle is underway as online voting takes place across the country. New Mexico’s red and green chile is currently holding the top spot, but the competition continues until July 20th and we need residents’ help to keep it there.

The contest is for favorite iconic American food as part of the 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. In the voting description New Mexico resident and writer Steve Larese raves about why New Mexico chile is the best regional food. See the complete article here.

He describes green chile as embodying the culture that New Mexico offers by being a part of the traditional New Mexican fare and its “ladled onto just about everything edible.” It is a part of what shapes regional food products, lifestyles, family tradition, history, heritage, and even weather. As Larese says, “whether stewed, roasted or just chopped raw, the state’s official vegetable (which is actually a fruit) is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

We need your help to showcase just how much green chile embodies the New Mexican culture. New Mexico residents can go to to vote to make New Mexico chile the best Iconic American food.

“Green chile is synonymous with Albuquerque and New Mexico. We promote it as a must-eat when here on vacation and we know locals can’t do without it,” said Tania Armenta, VP of Marketing at Visit Albuquerque. “It is truly an iconic part of our regional cuisine.”

The contest runs for 19 more days and voters are allowed to vote once per day. Please encourage your readers/viewers to participate and vote as often as they can. Let’s prove just how much green chile is a part of the culture in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

We will keep people posted at as the contest progresses.