Albuquerque, NMNuclear science plays a vital role in the lives of Americans…and the world. Consider the following:

• 20% of our nation’s electricity is generated by nuclear power

• 16 million Americans receive nuclear medicine procedures annually

• 436 nuclear power plants are operating in 30 countries, supplying 14% of the world’s electricity; 53 new nuclear plants are under construction in 14 countries

• 104 operating nuclear reactors in the U.S. employ an average of 700 people in 31 states that have nuclear power generating plants

The second annual National Nuclear Science Week, organized by the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be recognized January 24-28, 2011. Observations across the country include engineering fairs at colleges in Idaho, field trips to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in New Mexico, teacher development workshops in Chicago, classroom presentations in Virginia, and much more.

The week is a national, broadly observed recognition of how human knowledge has directed the energy of our most fundamental component, the atom, to the service and progress of our communities and world. It is intended to advance public and industry awareness of the key benefits, and to recognize industry professionals.

“With the nation’s spotlight on energy generation and a greener environment, it makes sense to recognize the contributions of nuclear power. Other technologies, such as nuclear medicine with its diagnostic and treatment opportunities, are also hugely important to all Americans,” said Jim Walther, Director of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. “The future career needs in science and energy are significant as well. This week provides all of us with more information on these vital topics.”

The goal of National Nuclear Science Week, which is themed “Get to Know Nuclear,” is to encourage education, participation and communication around daily themes: nuclear sciences, careers in the nuclear field, energy generation, nuclear safety, and nuclear medicine and radiology.

The National Nuclear Science Week ( is a partnership between the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History and nuclear industry partners including the Nuclear Energy Institute, Entergy, the U.S. Department of Energy, the American Nuclear Society, and the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

To learn about nuclear science year-round, plan a visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History ( in Albuquerque (