ORLANDO, Florida–J “JJ” Sanchez, organizer of the Fireball Run, an annual 100 team Orlando to Beverly Hills adventure rally, today announced Albuquerque as its fifth destination stop in its Race To Recover America’s Missing Children, a national awareness campaign for Child Rescue Network. Teams will “finish line” October 3rd at Albuquerque Museum of Art and History in Old Town between 5:00 and 6:00 pm, followed by a private reception at Hotel Albuquerque. The public is welcome to watch as Archbishop Sheehan, Mayor Martin Chavez, and other community leaders, wave the green flag October 4th at 9:00 am as teams will “Start” from St. Pius X High School on their way to Henderson, Nevada.

Fireball Run teams are on a mission; Recover America’s Missing Children. Each team is assigned a missing child. The child’s image and stats are affixed to the vehicle, creating a “rolling milk carton”. Everywhere teams stop, they ask, “Have you seen this child?” and leave a poster behind. The Race to Recover America’s Missing Children is the longest active recovery effort for missing or abducted children in history.

Fireball Run is one of the largest annual coast to coast motoring events in the country, named in honor of late NASCAR legend, Glenn “Fireball” Roberts. NOT A RACE, Fireball Run teams are playing an interactive adventure game, networking, and meeting with community leaders.

“The Fireball Run is a people’s event, comprised of the best our country has to offer; leaders of community and commerce sharing their affection for the open road while aiding in an effort to assist others,” said J. Sanchez, an avid rally driver, retired Air Force Crew Chief and entrepreneur. “The Fireball Run is a proud expression of automotive enthusiasm, rich in ethnic, cultural, and lifestyle diversity through both enterprise and community celebration.”

About The Fireball Run

The invitational has attracted teams from around the world to play the 3,500-mile, nine-day adventure game.  Notable entries include an all-woman Bentley Team, a 1960’s Batmobile, a team of Orlando firefighters, a $750,000 motor coach, and the actual ambulance used in the 1980 hit film “The Cannonball Run.”