ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Great Face & Body, the home of Bathing Bad, located at 123 Broadway Blvd SE expands to offer “The BaD Cooking Class.” During the interactive and entertaining 60-minute class, students are taught to manufacture the blue sheet candy and the world-famous Bathing Bad Bath Salts inspired by Walter White’s blue colored meth made popular on the hit series Breaking Bad which was filmed in Albuquerque.

After teaching journalists from around the globe how to make the bath salts and throwing in some humor and trivia, the guys decided to launch a class to fans. The class is $29 a person and is currently limited to Saturdays and Sundays at 11 am and 3 PM. Private classes will be available any day of the week for groups of 4 or more.

The two store owners, Keith & André West-Harrison, have been friends with the shows Giancarlo Esposito since he came to the first Albuquerque Film Festival. “We are sad the show filmed its last season, but we know it will have great appeal for years to come,” said Andre.

We won't ask if you want red, green or Christmas. You can get some Hatch chili for that. You won't have to go to a drugstore and try to buy a bunch of allergy medicine either. We make doing a cook in Albuquerque simple. We've gone to all the hardware stores with Walter White’s shopping list. We might even show you how to get rid of “evidence” in a PET bin and not your bathtub... right Jesse?

In our interactive 60-minute class you’ll learn how to make the Blue Sky Candy just like they used during filming the tv show to represent Walter's meth.

That's right, you'll be an accessory to the crime as we show you secrets from the Heisenberg Cookbook on both the edible candy and the bathable salts. We've taught hundreds of journalists and Breaking Bad fans these secrets. Don’t be left out!

Our unique cooking class makes you a certified BrBa Cookologist™ and to prove it you can have your mug shot taken holding the certificate. Our team of Professional Cooks are refreshing, funny and knowledgeable on all things Breaking Bad.

Our "meth" lab has limited seating space. You'll learn the intricate details of how a cook in an RV is different from the super-lab and even a termite-tented house. You'll leave with your own bag of candy and a bag of our Bathing Bad Bath Salts. We also guarantee the process is legal so you won't ever have to hear "Better Call Saul!"

“We love the show and we have a few of the actors as skincare clients. Since we just bought an old 9,000 square foot building we decided we needed to ‘break bad’ so we could afford the renovations. We needed major money to renovate and asked ourselves What Would Walter White Do?” said creator Keith West-Harrison, “We thought selling bath salts was better than meth since I’m not a chemist and we’d prefer no jail time.”

For more information on the products visit or or call 505-514-1800.