El Pinto Restaurant and Salsa Co. in Albuquerque, New Mexico announce the re-release of Scorpion Salsa for chile fanatics. As a worldwide first time release, El Pinto’s award winning limited edition Scorpion Salsa will be available in single serve salsa peel packs.

Scorpion Salsa is brewed with the New Mexico Scorpion super hot chile pepper, grown in southern New Mexico, which tests consistently at over 1 million scoville units. The New Mexico Scorpion pepper was certified by the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University as one of the top four hottest peppers in the world.

“New Mexico Scorpion chiles are extremely rare,” says Jim Thomas, one of the Salsa Twins who oversees chile supply at El Pinto, “and not all Scorpions are created equal. They have to be grown properly to achieve the record setting heat level and proper flavor which fills your mouth for that chile pepper “high.””

As a worldwide first, El Pinto is manufacturing Scorpion Salsa in convenient single serve cups in 2-oz and 3-oz varieties. “We now have the manufacturing technology to do single serve cups at El Pinto,” stated John Thomas. He continues, “And the response by customers buying our normal salsa off the grocery store shelf in this convenient and low waste format has been tremendous.” Brother Jim Thomas added, “Our single serve salsa cups are nationwide in Walmart and other grocery stores. We decided we needed to make Scorpion Salsa available as soon as the Scorpion harvest was complete in the peel pack as well. With the limit quantities available, we will only sell it online and in the restaurant.”

Scorpion Salsa will be put in convenient single serve 3-oz cups for the first time. For many, an entire jar of Scorpion Salsa is simply too much heat. Because all El Pinto products are made fresh and healthy, without using artificial preservatives, the single serve cups allow for economical use while minimizing waste. New manufacturing technology located at the El Pinto Restaurant Salsa Factory will enable El Pinto’s superhot Scorpion Salsa to be put in the single serving cups.

The New Mexico Scorpion chile pepper has a sting rating of over a million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and is not edible in its natural form. El Pinto has planted its own crop of New Mexico Scorpion and worked with grower Marlin Bensinger to grow this exclusive pepper.

Scorpion Salsa is characterized by waves of intense heat that combine with a distinctive taste unlike anything else. “We created an edible superhot salsa that can easily sneak up on you. If the first bite doesn’t get you, the second will,” said Salsa Twin John Thomas. The one million scoville heat units (SHU) of the scorpion peppers were brought down to a little over 10,000 SHU for Scorpion Salsa, but the sting that will satisfy those who love intense yet edible heat remains.

During the holidays, the exclusive Scorpion Salsa single serve cup will be available while supplies last as a bonus cup within holiday gift packs comprised of 8 single servings of regular salsa and 8 servings of green chile sauce in a convenient ready to ship gift package. The 16-oz jars will be available in an El Pinto heat pack. Orders can be placed at www.elpinto.com.

Established 50-years ago, El Pinto is a quintessential icon for New Mexican cuisine. Conveniently located in the North Valley of Albuquerque just off I-25, the serene patios located under beautiful cottonwood trees provide an iconic experience. El Pinto is known nationally for its fire-roasted green chile and fresh flavorful salsa distributed across the nation in local grocery stores. El Pinto started bottling award winning salsa ten years ago which is now distributed in grocery stores in all 50 states and is available online at www.elpinto.com. The limited edition Scorpion Salsa will only be available online at www.elpinto.com while supplies last or at the restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For an authentic taste of New Mexico, visit El Pinto for its iconic food, traditional margaritas, and award winning chile. www.elpinto.com