Albuquerque, NM, January 9, 2013 - This January, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science will launch the first ever Dinosaur Discoverers Symposium!

In conjunction with the exhibit Dinosaur Century: 100 Years of Discovery in New Mexico , the Museum will offer a symposium series by the scientists who made many of New Mexico’s most important dinosaur discoveries. The symposia will cover the entire range of dinosaur science, from the origin of dinosaurs to their extinction.

Dr. Spencer G. Lucas, Museum curator and chief scientist will kick off the first symposium on January 17, 2013, by presenting a lecture on the history of dinosaur discoveries in New Mexico. The symposia will be once a month through July 2013. Each symposium will be followed by a tour of the Dinosaur Century exhibit, guided by Dr. Lucas.

Tickets are $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for museum members/children and can be purchased at or at the door the night of the lecture. A pass for the entire lecture series is $50 for adults / $25 for museum members/children.

NM Museum of Natural History & Science - Dynatheater
Dates: Third Thursday of each month, January through July 2013
Time: 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Speakers and topics:

January 17: Dinosaur Century: 100 years of dinosaur discoveries in NM 
Dr. Spencer Lucas, Chief Scientist, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
One hundred years yields thousands of fossils. Come hear the pivotal part New Mexico has played in dinosaur paleontology over the last century!

February 21: New Mexico’s Triassic Dinosaurs
Justin Spielmann, Geoscience Collections Manager, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
The origin of dinosaurs is in our backyard. Learn about our state fossil Coelophysis and its relatives!

March 21: Cretaceous Age Dinosaur Remains from Southwestern New Mexico
George Basabilvaso, Geologist, WIPP Site
A 75 million-year-old lake, a dead duckbill dinosaur on its shore, the swash of the waves---all gave us New Mexico’s only dinosaur mummy!

April 18: New Mexico Tyrannosaurs: New Mexico’s top predators at the end of the Age of Dinosaurs
Dr. Tom Williamson, Curator Paleontology, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
When tyrant lizards ruled the Land of Enchantment!

May 16: The First Dinosaurs and the Triassic World-A New Mexican perspective on Pangea
Dr. Andrew Heckert , Associate Professor, Appalachian State University
200 million years ago all the continents were one. Find out how New Mexico’s first dinosaurs fit into the Triassic puzzle!

June 20: 100 years of Collecting Dinosaurs in the San Juan Basin: New Mexico Pentaceratops, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus-Rex
Dr. Robert Sullivan, Research Associate, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
New Mexico is home to some of the most famous dinosaurs of all time. Learn the history of the paleontologists that brought these great beasts to life.

July 18: The latest dinosaur discoveries in the Cretaceous of the San Juan Basin
Amanda Cantrell, Student Intern, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Great discoveries are still being made in New Mexico today, as told by one of its newest dinosaur collectors.