ALBUQUERQUE— The City of Albuquerque’s Film Office just completed a record week for film permits processed.

Last week, the City’s Film Office processed 23 film permits for various productions. In a typical week, the Film Office processes between 6-10 permits. The City of Albuquerque's permitting process has been designed for activities that affect the public's right of way or the City's ability to provide emergency services to the public. The Albuquerque Film Office gathers representatives from the productions and various city departments to review planned activities in order to minimize the impact on neighborhoods and to ensure that film productions follow all applicable local regulations.

“The film industry has been a consistent bright spot for Albuquerque’s economy and the amount of interest is growing as seen by this uptick in activity,” Mayor Richard J. Berry said. “We have been able to create a film friendly environment for productions through an extremely efficient permitting process, supportive citizens, amazing crews, great infrastructure and local businesses ready to support the industry.”

“We can’t express enough appreciation to the supportive businesses and neighborhood associations that allow these crews into their communities,” Albuquerque Film Liaison Ann Lerner stated. “These productions are employing New Mexicans who, in turn, support other local businesses. Everyone wins”

There are currently five large productions in Albuquerque and numerous smaller ones. A partial list of the productions include: Manis Film’s thriller “Big Sky” starring Kyra Sedgwick; “Night Shift”, an NBC television show; “Killer Women”, an ABC television program; and, “La Vida Robot”, a film starring comedian George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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