Albuquerque, NM – Hailed as one of the top places to visit in 2013, a “must-see,” a top arts destination and a “city that has come into its own in recent years,” Albuquerque, New Mexico is the place to be this summer.

The reviews are in and travelers looking for a new experience are choosing Albuquerque for their summer vacation. Film fans are especially interested in visiting after seeing Albuquerque-shot films such as The Lone Ranger, The Avengers, and the hugely popular AMC show, Breaking Bad.

The Visit Albuquerque has made planning your trip to Albuquerque as easy as selecting your favorite movie theme for an “on-location vacation.” Themes range from chick-flick for that perfect girlfriend getaway to action for those looking to plan an outdoor adventure. The website,, navigates like a feature film promotion with many summer hotel discounts and deals available.

As one of the first states to offer film tax incentives, New Mexico jumped on the film bandwagon early and continues to add to its film credit list. With 310 days of sunshine and four beautiful, mild seasons, film crews keep coming back to Albuquerque. Why not come see for yourself why Albuquerque is a great set for your summer vacation? You might even see some filming taking place during your visit.

Use the themed trip ideas to create the perfect Albuquerque itinerary. Forbes calls Albuquerque “a remarkably affordable destination.” Hotels are offering great deals on getaway packages, and discounts are available for attractions and events throughout the city.

Ready, set, ACTION. Visit today and let Albuquerque play a starring role in your self-produced summer vacation movie. Still not convinced? Check out the trailer.