ALBUQUERQUE, NM, October 9, 2013 –Bathing Bad owners, Keith & André West-Harrison are excited to announce that Jesse Pinkman has been hired to oversee the “cook” of future Bathing Bad batches. The products are produced in the Downtown Albuquerque business Great Face & Body at 123 Broadway Blvd SE, which has been increasing their manufacturing of organic skincare.

“After he left Walt for dead at the compound, he came to our place to recover,” jokes Keith West-Harrison, “Lucky for us, we had an opening managing our “meth” lab. Jesse said he is happy to work someplace where he won’t be chained up, shot at or asked to kill anyone.”

The popular Bathing Bad products have broken sales records on at the store. The spa product is for relaxation only, but it is based on the show’s fictional blue meth made by the Albuquerque high school teacher Walter White in the hit AMC TV show “Breaking Bad” which ended last month. describes Bathing Bad as:

Face it, your money isn’t the only thing that’s dirty. You need a good washing, yo. Skip the carwash and hit the tub with these bath salts. The clever packaging may suggest a chemical compound, but we assure you Bathing Bad cooks with a proprietary formula of nothing but the good (organic, all-natural) stuff. Even the signature sky blue hue of this premium product is derived from red cabbage. Yeah science!

Pinkman was not available for comment, but according to

Jesse Bruce Pinkman was born in September 1984 into an upper middle-class family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the time the series starts, he has long been estranged from his parents due to his drug abuse and lifestyle. After being forced to leave his parents' residence, Jesse moved in with his Aunt Jenny, whom he cared for until her death from cancer; afterwards, he was allowed to stay in her home, whose ownership fell to Jesse's parents.

Jesse was a poor student in high school, largely due to his inattention and apathy. Walter White, who Jesse almost always calls "Mr. White," was his chemistry teacher, and flunked him in his class. Walt himself later tells Jesse that he "never thought much" of him, although his mother recalled that Walt "must have seen some potential in Jesse, he really tried to motivate him. He was one of the few teachers who cared."Pinkman would later deliver on that potential, producing a product on his own which Walt begrudgingly concedes is as good as what Walt himself produced and superior to that which was produced by Gale Boetticher, who held an advanced degree in chemistry. In "Say My Name," Walter refers to himself and Pinkman as "the two best meth cooks in America."

“Last year we bought an old 9,000-square-foot home and we decided we needed to ‘break bad’ to pay for the renovations. We asked ourselves ‘What Would Walter White Do?’” said creator Andre West-Harrison, “We thought selling bath salts was better than meth. I’m not a chemist and we’d prefer no jail time.”