ALBUQUERQUE, NM - The ABQ BioPark Zoo welcomed a new baby Nile Hippopotamus today. The baby hippo's gender is unknown at this time.

Thirteen-year-old Karen gave birth this morning at the ABQ BioPark Zoo. This is her second calf; Boopie, her first-born is eight years old. Completing the family is Moe, the father. The entire family herd was present for the birth of the new calf. Karen originally came to the ABQ BioPark from the San Antonio Zoo.

"We are excited to welcome a new member of our hippopotamus herd," said Lynn Tupa, ABQ BioPark Zoo Manager, "Karen has proven to be a great mother and immediately started bonding with her new baby in the pool."

View a video of the new baby hippo.

The ABQ BioPark zoo has welcomed many new animals in recent months, including chimpanzee twins, a red kangaroo, a Cape Griffin Vulture, Flamingos and Socorro Doves, among others.