Since the first modest ascension of 13 balloons on a chilly April morning in 1972, people have gathered to watch and be a part of Balloon Fiesta. Between then and now, Balloon Fiesta has grown into the largest hot air balloon gathering in the world. And, during those years, the event has picked up speed, size and momentum to include special shape balloons, balloon glows and new world records.

Balloon Fiesta has a great story to tell. The story is told to the world in many different ways – through the eyes of print and television reporters, photojournalists, free-lance writers, photographers, videographers, balloon pilots, crew, volunteers, spectators and kids. Their impressions are as interesting and as varied as Balloon Fiesta itself. They range from panoramic photographs to video stories told in many different languages, to front page articles in major publications and headline television news stories. The enchanting images of balloons of all shapes and sizes floating in the October sky conjure up more descriptive adjectives than you can imagine.

Balloon Fiesta is a gem – the crown jewel of Albuquerque. It is the gift we give to children of all ages from all corners of the world. For those of you who have been to Balloon Fiesta, you know the event is captivating, scintillating, and truly one-of-a-kind. Balloon Fiesta must be experienced firsthand to understand the true magic of the gift. Pictures and postcards will never completely capture the true wonder of flying in a hot air balloon or experiencing hundreds of brightly colored aircraft launching all around you, and floating happily in the sky above you.

The Balloon Fiesta draws hundreds of thousands of guests every year. This is the 38th year for this world-class ballooning spectacular with nine days of flying, five morning mass ascensions, four special shape events, five evening balloon glows, two “prize grab” days – all of which add up to one fun-filled, nine day event, and you are invited! If you have been here before, you surely want to come again, and if you’ve never been, you’re in for a real treat!

If you haven’t experienced Balloon Fiesta from a lovely viewing patio from the launch field, we suggest you try either the Chaser’s Club (includes admission to the park and a hospitality tent) or the Gondola Club (includes parking, shuttle service, and gourmet meals). Both the Gondola Club and the Chasers’ Club provide excellent views of the launch field – the best seats in the house! Enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers are on hand to answer any and all questions you might have, and can provide you with a wealth of information on the sport of ballooning and other activities and sights to see between the morning and evening Balloon Fiesta events.

For more information on all things Balloon Fiesta, please visit our newly designed website at If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you can find and talk with other hot air and gas enthusiasts from virtually every corner of the earth.

See you in October!