And the rhino calf's name is... CHOPPER!

The name Chopper was suggested by many people in remembrance of Jimmy "Chopper" Abalos (1953-2010). A strong contributor to the community with an uncountable number of friends, Abalos sponsored multiple little league teams called the "Rhinos." He was inducted in the USSSA Hall of Fame in 2003, and his adult softball team, also the Rhinos, was inducted in 2009. Jimmy "Chopper" Abalos believed in the theory of Rhinoceros Success - taking charge, focusing and being unstoppable while moving toward dreams and goals.

With more than 500 votes from Facebook fans, Chopper is the winning name. (The runner-up was "Linus" with more than 300 votes.)

Chopper will remain behind-the-scenes for several more months, and we'll be posting regular updates through the BioPark's Facebook page ( He now weighs 214 pounds and is gaining 2-3 pounds per day. The spunky little rhino continues to be a favorite among the zookeepers and animal care staff.