WHAT: 2013 NMSF Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge
NMSF 75th Anniversary Special Event
In association with
The New Mexico Department of Tourism
The New Mexico Department of Agriculture

Event – Wednesday, September 11th – in the afternoon
WHERE: Main Street, Agriculture Building Courtyard
– New Mexico State Fair - Albuquerque
WHO: New Mexico restaurants are eligible

Entry: Deadline to enter contest is 5:00PM August 16th


Participation is limited to 12 established restaurants that do business and pay taxes in New Mexico and are located within in New Mexico. If there are more than 12 entries, a drawing by lot will determine the contestants.*

Entrants must provide their own cooking equipment and materials including grill, ingredients and a 10 X 10 canopy to cover the food prep area. Canopies: ‘pop-up’ tents must be made of a flame retardant fabric which includes the manufactures tag affixed on the fabric stating as such.

Each competitor will be allowed 4 personnel within the confined area. They will be given necessary gate passes for the day. One vehicle will also be allowed entry through Gate 6 for setup. The vehicle must be moved to the designated parking area before the competition.

Competitors are encouraged to decorate their canopies to gain promotional representation and so the general public will know who is cooking and prepping for the contest.

Participants will be allowed access to the area at 8:00AM on the day of the contest in order to be ready for inspections by appropriate health, and safety agency representatives starting at 1:00PM.

Once all contestants have passed inspection, an order to “fire up your grill” will be given at approximately 3:00PM. This will allow contestants to “test cook” and prepare for the contest.


Each participant will be notified in advance of the time when the judges will taste their entry.
Cooking will be done outdoors on a closed, self contained propane grill within the confines of the competition area on Main Street north from Heritage Avenue.

The Fair will provide necessary fire extinguishers and trash receptacles. Potable water is available in the area.

All burger cooking must be done on-site during the competition.

All ingredients must promote New Mexico agribusiness and include a meat or vegetable patty, cheese and Green Chile. Optional ingredients and any condiments may be used. Ingredients can be “premixed” and do not have to be disclosed.

GREEN CHILE must be from a New Mexico ‘home grown’ location.

Lineup/cooking position will be determined by lot, which will be done after all entrants have been chosen and qualified.

A $25 fee must accompany all applications and is non-refundable.

Entries must be received by Friday, August 16th at 5:00pm.

The drawing for positions will be held on Tuesday, August 20th and contestants will be notified at that time.

The competition area will be secured for the protection of the public.

Judging will occur in the courtyard of the Agriculture Building in close proximity to the NMDA Country Store.

Individual complete burgers must be delivered to fourjudges who will sample portions at staggered times so they are hot and juicy. The entry is one complete burger.

The competition requires adherence to prevailing codes and rules of the New Mexico State Fair, the New Mexico State Fire Marshall and the New Mexico Environment Department. Any of the governing entities have the authority to disqualify entrants if appropriate safety and health concerns are not followed.


The first place winner will be included in the NM Tourism Department’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail.

Fairgoers will be encouraged to watch the activities, but will be required to remain behind the border outlining the competition area. (In other words, the cooking and prep area will be inside a roped in area along the street.)

*If more than 12 contestants apply, names will be drawn out-of-a-hat on Tuesday, August 20th to determine which restaurants will compete. The limitation of 12 is due to logistics for quality control.

Announcement of the winner and presentation of a single plaque to the winner will be made at the judges’ podium in the Agriculture Building courtyard. It is expected the announcement will be at approximately 6:00PM. The NMSF may decide to announce earlier depending on the schedule of the day.

Questions should be addressed to:

Craig Vencill – On Site Coordinator “Main Street”
New Mexico State Fair


All cooking and presentation material and equipment including grill, ingredients, tools, table cover and skirting, and a 10x10 popup tent to cover the prep area. Any promotional material.


Organization of event
Promotion of event
Safety and health inspections
Fire extinguishers
1 - 8’ table for each entrant
Trash disposal
Security for the area
First place award plaque
Gate Admission for contestants (4) people per each booth
Distribution of event procedures and information and regulatory material
from the health department, fire marshal, and LP gas bureau, stage
platform and tables and chairs for judges
1 Parking Pass for contestants’ vehicle to be close to area.
Decorations for judging area
Judging assistance (water, plates, napkins, etc)
Distribution of information

ALBUQUERQUE-The 2012 New Mexico State Fair, in association with the New Mexico Tourism Department, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and the New Mexico Restaurant Association, will host the Centennial Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge” on Tuesday, September 18.

The last day for restaurants to enter is this FRIDAY, AUGUST 31 by 5 p.m.
Rules and entry for can be found online at: http://exponm.com/entriescompettitions/green-chile-cheeseburger-challenge/ and are attached to this message.

The New Mexico State Fair hosted the inaugural statewide culinary challenge in 2009 after the Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio, New Mexico garnered the state national attention on the Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” that year. In the episode, which first aired in late July of 2009, Buckhorn owner Bobbie Olguin defeated host Bobby Flay in the battle for the best green chile cheeseburger and had viewers all over the country craving a bite of one of New Mexico’s culinary treasures.

“The Buckhorn’s victory sparked excitement all across New Mexico and triggered debate throughout the state on what makes the perfect green chile cheeseburger,” State Fair General Manager Dan Mourning said. “With so many great choices and everyone swearing by their favorite, we thought the Centennial celebration was the perfect time to put them back to the test, head-to-head. There’s nothing like a little fun and friendly competition to showcase the best from around New Mexico.”

Twelve New Mexico restaurants will vie for the title during this year’s State Fair, which opens Wednesday, September 12th and runs through Sunday, September 23rd.