Lincoln, NE, June 15, 2015 - For Immediate Release: If you're looking for an exciting, family friendly event this summer, this is it! USA Roller Sports is bringing the United States National Championships back to Albuquerque for 2015. From July 11 through August 1, more than 2000 skaters will converge on the Albuquerque Convention Center to compete for national titles in speed, rink hockey, and figure skating events. This annual competition features skaters of all ages from around the country who participated in regional qualifying competitions and earned the opportunity to vie for a national title. Additionally, some of the elite skaters will be just returning from competing in the Pan American Games, and we are expecting the reigning World Champion in women's inline freestyle skating to participate. Medalists at the National Championships in the elite figure skating divisions qualify to become a member of the United States World Team, and represent the United States at the World Championships later this year. This is a unique opportunity to see firsthand the best in the U.S. and find out why roller skating, both quad and inline, continues to be so popular.

Three distinct skating disciplines will compete in Albuquerque. Rink Hockey competition events occur July 11-17. With wide participation in the U.S. and abroad, rink hockey provides all of the typical hockey action and excitement without the chill of an ice arena. Speed Skating competition begins July 11 and runs through July 18. Similar to short track ice speed skating, roller sports indoor speed skating uses a 100-meter oval track for individual, and 2-person and 4-person relay events. Age groups determine distances and divisions. Figure Skating competition opens July 19 and runs through August 1. Combining athletic skills and grace, and artistically interpreted to accompanying music, skaters compete as individuals, teams, or groups, and are judged on content, technical proficiency, and artistry. Those familiar with ice figure skating will recognize many of the events including individual (singles) and pairs free skating, set pattern dance and free dance, and school figures. Additional events include show, precision team, creative solo, and quartet.

Events begin mid-morning and continue until roughly 11 p.m. each day, with each day offering something different. Younger spectators will likely find the most fun events to be the various speed, hockey, freestyle, show and creative solo events, while adults may be drawn to the dance, free dance, freestyle, and show events. No matter what, there will be something for everyone!

Tickets can be purchased at the Convention Center each day. While regular prices range from $10 for a one-day ticket to $70 for a multi-day pass, a variety of discounts are available including: one-day admission for groups of 10 people or more will be $3 per person when purchased as a group; one-day admission for individuals not in a group who present a New Mexico ID will be $5 per person; and free admission will be offered for military personnel and immediate family members (up to 4 people) with a military ID. In addition to the skating events, there will be a tradeshow area featuring equipment, costume supplies, and souvenirs, and Hall of Fame and Honors receptions will take place acknowledging excellence in and contribution to the sport. Visit for detailed event schedules and additional ticket and event information.

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