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May 28, 2017
Enjoy dozens of great breweries, unlimited sampling & 3 great blues bands during Memorial Day weekend. Listen to great blues music and enjoy some of the greatest brews available with unlimited sampling and a souvenir tasting glass. General admission includes entrance to festival, unlimited sampling, souvenir glass, music, vendors, games, event program, and o...
May 27-29, 2017
Bringing together wineries from around the state, food, arts and crafts vendors, and live music in a relaxed setting, the Albuquerque Wine Festival is the place to be Memorial weekend! Find the wines you like through sampling, purchase a glass to enjoy on site and buy bottles to take home to enjoy later. The New Mexico Wine Growers Association (NMWGA) will b...
Through August 27, 2017
From Billy the Kid to Breaking Bad, movies and television have portrayed and marketed our state into the present day. Guest curated by American cultural historian Paul Andrew Hutton, this pop culture exhibit includes westerns, war movies, comedy, and science fiction. IMAGE Lobby card, Kit Carson, 1928 Paramount Pictures Offset lithograph Courtesy Paul A. Hut...
Through August 31, 2017
Come cheer on the Albuquerque Isotopes in their 2017 season. The Albuquerque Isotopes are the Triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.
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Festival Flamenco Performance: Marco Flores Presenta Entrar Al Juego

In this show, Marco Flores manipulates space and experiments with time. Slowing it down, changing its direction, speeding it up. He opens up a temporary special time-line from another world to trap people and objects in an alternative dimension. With the pretext of an appointment or an encounter, and with the obligation of entering the game he proposes, in this new work Marco Flores aims to enlarge his artistic poetry and his choreographic dynamics, expanding his artistic focus and direction.

The female universe was his interest in “DeFlamencas,” his first large scale choreographic work. His second creation was “Tránsito” where he took off from his interest in looking within. After this, he became interested in the actions and relationships that come about between men in the work “Laberíntica”. In his latest work, intergenerational concerns activate his creative impulses. In Entrar al Juego, he begins the creative process bringing together the desire to invite artists of various ages, origins, techniques and artistic experiences. Unlike traditional shows where the coming together of interpreters in one event come with the concerns for hierarchy and methodology to articulate compositional elements, in Entrar al Juego choreographer Marco Flores wishes to involve each of the artists in a collective composition wherein each individual is absolutely necessary for the development of the others. We witness a new attitude and a fresh way of understanding flamenco dance. On this occasion, age, experience and the status of those participating is not a differential value from which to support the discourse of Entrar al Juego. Each of the artists in this work will find their own strategies to move around, to be still, to continue. Whether as individuals or as a group. This, in the end, is the peculiarity of Entrar al Juego.

Dancer choreographer Marco Flores, along with Juan Carlos Lérida in stage directing and choreography, will propose to the participants in this game that they dance in a timeless place. With Entrar al Juego we’ll be witnesses to how people transform when confronted with the need to continue. To resolve the unknown of that place.