Those faint of heart beware, there's a spooky show in town. The guys behind ABQ Trolley Co. are at it again, this time with a ghost tour of downtown Albuquerque. 

We've picked the brains of the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk team to learn more about the tour and some of Albuquerque's eerie lore. 

Albucreepy guide leads group through alley 

ABQ365: What makes downtown such a great place for a ghost tour?

Albucreepy: We find that many people on the tour are unaware of the history of downtown Albuquerque, especially the reported paranormal activity in the area. Many tour-goers do not come downtown frequently, if at all, so the tour gives them a great reason to make downtown a destination and to explore this part of the city.

Albucreepy - Kristy Graybill 

In what ways do the multimedia components of the tour (audio, digital screen) enhance the tour experience?

Our state-of-the-art, handheld digital projector allows us to show images on the walls of buildings downtown, and people are always surprised by the quality and size of the images. Because Albucreepy tour guides are experienced paranormal investigators, they show actual images of ghosts from investigations they conducted. They play recordings of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from their investigations, and the audience will get to help the tour guides record more EVP as part of the tour.

Albucreepy Tour Guide gestures to site of ghost sighting 

What advice would you give to those who are attending the tour for the first time?

Most importantly, dress for the weather! The temperature can drop surprisingly low in the evenings, so jackets, hats and gloves are necessary this time of year. Tour participants will be on their feet for the entire 90 minute tour, so we recommend comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. Eating a light dinner before the tour is a good idea, but everyone with a pre-purchased ticket can also enjoy buy-one-get-one-free tapas at the Hotel Andaluz before or after the tour. Finally, gratuity for the tour guides and valet parking is always appreciated.

We also advise that everyone purchase tickets in advance at Tours are selling out, and advance tickets are the only way to guarantee a spot on the tour.

Have there been any spooky experiences on your tour?

Creepy things started happening on the very first tour! However, we always warn that ghost hunting is a lot like fishing; there will be a lot of time when nothing happens. Not everyone is equally sensitive to paranormal events, so some people will experience something while others on the tour don't sense anything at all. Every tour is different, and every person will have a different experience.

Albucreepy Stopping at the Bernaiillo Courthouse

Do you have a favorite ghost story on the tour? 

Our tour guides' favorite stories are connected to the old jail in the basement of the Bernalillo County Courthouse. We have documentation of some very scary things that occurred in the jail. We also have some creepy eyewitness accounts and EVP evidence of ghostly activity. The stories from the jail tend to produce the most goosebumps in the audience.

Who would you describe as Albuquerque's most famous ghost?

The story of La Llorona has been told for many generations in Albuquerque and throughout the Southwest. The most well-known ghost downtown is Bobby, a young boy who reportedly haunts the KiMo Theater.


Tours are available every Thursday–Saturday, (weather-pending) year-round. View the complete tour schedule on the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk site.