What's that? You don't have plans tonight? Head on over to the KiMo Theatre for a totally free screening of locally-made music videos. The series, dubbed Listen! ABQ, features screenings at The KiMo of locally-made films. It's put on by The Albuquerque Music Office and the City of Albuquerque. This week's music video focus features Albuquerque locals like Nancy Harvin of the band, Jeez La Weez.

The video below is a preview of some of the work that will be showcased tonight. Nancy not only is a member of Jeez LaWeez, she produced and directed the video below called "Little White Lies."

Albuquerque is full of extremely talented folks involved in the film industry, and this type of event serves as a great opportunity to showcase some of the great work being done here. Groups like IndieQ, comprised of local actors, producers, animators, screenwriters, directors and general fans of film, also keeps the local audience connected.

Tonight's event is all about getting together, showcasing some great work and having fun. Ann Lerner from the Albuquerque Film Office said it best: "It's FREE! It's FUN!!!!! Doors open at 6:30pm show starts at 7!"

So what are you waiting for? Head over!