Coloradans Mary and Jim Zalmanek have traveled to Albuquerque for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta several times since the event's inception, the last few years as part of the Airstream community. We love this sunrise shot that Mary captured at the 2011 event, featured on Mary recounts in the article:

"There's nothing like being on the field at dawn when the first balloon goes up flying an American flag. The national anthem plays and activity comes to a respectful halt, while people hold their right hands over their hearts." 

Mary and her husband have made their way to Albuquerque for Fiesta every year since 2011, and they are looking forward to coming again this year. 

You can view Mary's article, "New Mexico's Enchanted Sunrise," on here for more quotes like this:

"It's always memorable when the day starts with a trio of giant bumblebees in hot pursuit of Darth Vader and Elvis Presley."

We'd have to agree.  


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