Let me ask you a question. How many places around the country can you play golf year-round?

How many places can you slide on the skis in the morning and then trade them out for golf spikes and go hit the links in the afternoon? I'm lucky enough to live in that place.....Albuquerque. In fact, earlier in January I was on the slopes at Sandia Peak Ski Area while my father in-law was teeing off in his weekly game at Puerto del Sol Golf Club at the exact same time. Golf overlooking the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I consider myself a pretty lucky guy that I live in an area that can make a claim like that. Not only have I played golf every month of the year here in the Duke City, but I've also done it in short sleeves! When I think of my friends and family bundled up this time of year while I'm scoping tee times, it makes me laugh.

Even though it's winter, I've already played several rounds this year. As people I went to high school and college with are suffering from cabin fever and dreaming of warmer places to break in their new set of clubs, I'm aiming at the mountains in the distance as I let my first drive of the day take off. It's times like this that I think about how fortunate it was that I came upon Albuquerque in my travels.

I'm spoiled by the weather here. All people who live even a somewhat active lifestyle are! This part of the country (the Southwest) allows me to be out and about participating in the things that I want to do, no matter what time of year it is. I make my living working in the golf industry specifically, so of course I'm partial to that. But, the truth is that I'm a fairly active guy and over my 10+ years in this city, I've coached high school football and numerous other sports, played softball, run consistently and take part in many other things that Albuquerque is perfect for, in addition to golf.

If you're one of those groups who are looking for a spot for your yearly golf outing, maybe coming for a convention or meeting, or just coming to town for vacation, Albuquerque should be at the top of your list. It never seems to be the first place that pops into mind for activities like that, but it should! Especially for those of you that are tacking on a golf outing or other outdoor activity while you're in town. The options are endless. From world class biking, hiking and skiing, to nationally ranked five-star golf facilities that are some of the very best in the Southwest. We've got it in Albuquerque.

Every year in January as I talk to my parents back home and see that they're under a foot of snow, I smile. They ask me occasionally if I think I'll ever be moving back home at some point. Not anytime soon, I can tell you that! As my friends and family back home are navigating ice-covered roads and chopping wood, I'm firing up the margarita machine and making my way to the first tee.

I'll have one ready for you.



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