Every year in the United States, over 55% of Americans fail to use all of their time off. Take back your calendar with Visit Albuquerque and Project: Time Off on January 31, 2017 and plan your vacation days for the rest of the year! #PlanforVacation
Order a free copy of the 2017 Official Albuquerque Visitors GuideYou may be wondering: what are the benefits of taking your vacation days? Employees who regularly take time off tend to have higher productivity & performance, improved mental & physical health, better relationships & social life, increased happiness and a more positive attitude towards work. Who doesn't want that?! Here are 5 ways that you can take advantage of these benefits by using your vacation time in Albuquerque:   

 Increase your productivity and performance by taking your vacation in Albuquerque 
The growing trend of not using vacation days threatens workers productivity, creativity and energy which directly affects the bottom line of American businesses. Nearly two-thirds of employees say their concentration and productivity at work improve with taking time off. Your productivity will soar to new heights after a vacation in Albuquerque, billed as the "Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World"! And balloon rides aren't just available during Balloon Fiesta®–you can soar through the sky year-round. Learn more about ballooning in Albuquerque and click here to book a ride.  
Improve your mental & physical health by taking your vacation in Albuquerque 
We all know that taking a break does wonders for our mental health. But did you know that New Mexican chile can actually help improve your physical health? Chile is packed with vitamins and is proven to boost metabolism. So the question remains...red or green? Click here to learn more fun facts about chile.

Improve your relationships and social life by taking your vacation in Albuquerque

We all struggle with time and not having enough of it! By slowing down your pace and taking your vacation time, your relationships and social life will benefit. In Albuquerque, one of our favorite ways to blow off steam is flamenco dancing! With the National Institute of Flamenco, the Festival Flamenco de Alburquerque each June and live performances every week at the brand new Tablao Flamenco, the city has become a cultural hub for this powerful Spanish-inspired art form. Click here to learn more about the vast performing arts scene in Albuquerque

Improve your happiness and daily dose of vitamin D with 310 days of sunshine in Albuquerque

The amount of time off taken also shows a clear correlation to happiness. You know what else boosts happiness? Vitamin D! Get plenty of it in Albuquerque where we have 310+ days of sunshine every year. Click here to learn more about Albuquerque's average temperatures and awesome sunny weather.

Have a more positive attitude towards work by taking your vacation in Albuquerque

Taking some time away from work allows us to come back rejuvenated with a fresh perspective. Studies have shown that employees who regularly take their vacation days have an overall more positive attitude towards work, which no doubt boosts productivity and motivation. Regular exercise also boosts productivity and mental clarify, and with everything from kayaking on the Rio Grande to mountain biking in the foothills, we have an unlimited supply of recreational opportunities in Albuquerque! 

Project: Time Off is an initiative to win back America's lost vacation time. Their goal is to shift work culture in the United States so that taking time off is "understood as essential to personal well-being, professional success, business performance and economic expansion." Click here to learn more about National Plan for Vacation Day.