In preparation for this weekend's Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE), we've compiled five reasons why this year's expo is looking to be the best year ever. 

1. Best comic book guest lineup ever

If you're looking for some comic book heavy-hitters, this is the year to attend ACE. The lineup will feature Jimmy Palmoitti and Amanda Conner, the duo behind the ongoing "Harley Quinn" series, as well as Derick Robertson and Rodney Ramos, two of the three men of the cult classic, "Transmetropolitan." 

2. New and improved costume contest

If you are a seasoned ACE veteran or brand new to the scene, the costume contest is always one of the most exciting components of the event. New this year, there is a video component: you will have 30 seconds to introduce yourself, your costume and give whatever details you would like to give (Is it handmade? Based off of something or an obscure variation? Etc.) There is no pre-judging. Learn more details about the contest here.  

 3. The cast of "Being Human" will be here!

This is the first time any comic book convention in New Mexico has brought an entire cast out to the state! Hang out with the entire principle cast of sci-fi hit series, "Being Human," and enjoy photo ops with the cast. There will be plenty of other celebrity and media guests at the event as well, check them out here

4. ACE-assins

This year ACE is bringing the plotting and paranoia back. ACE-assin is your chance to sneak up on your friends and other players while trying to keep the eyes in the back of your head pealed. Registration is limited to 60 players each day (18 and up) and it's only three bucks! 

5. Awesome events

Lookin' for love in Alderaan places? ACE is bringing back Sci-Fi Speed Dating. Looking for fun after the show? ACE After Dark makes sure the party don't stop when the show floor closes. Want to learn about how MST3k began? There's a special event with Joel Hodgson that will show you the exiting journey. There are all kinds of fun happenings this year, check them out

ACE will be awesome this year - will you be there?