Expedia.com assembled some of the best ABQ stops on the famed highway.

As Nat King Cole is fond of reminding us, the highway is the best way to travel west because you can "get your kicks on Route 66." And we have to say, it's true! The iconic stretch of highway is full of intriguing destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences.

If you're lucky enough to be staying in Albuquerque while you're traveling the Mother Road, you'll find a city rich with culture, food, and lots of wide open spaces. Go ahead and play in Nob Hill, Downtown and Old Town, all of which bring a unique flavor to the city and your vacation. Here are just a few of the best ways to spend your time in these neighborhoods along Route 66:


Cruise "The Singing Road"

It's one thing to belt out your favorite karaoke jams from the front seat while you're on an epic road trip. It's quite another for your car to create the melody for you. When you drive down this stretch of Route 66 just east of Albuquerque, signs signal the start of the "Singing Road." Drive the speed limit at 45 miles per hour over asphalt-covered metal plates, and when your tires meet the road, sit back as the sound of "America the Beautiful" fills your car.      

Stop for a Bite at 66 Diner



Just west of The University of New Mexico, the 66 Diner is the epitome of iconic. Sit down at a '50s-style table and sink your teeth into a green chile cheeseburger. After you slurp down a chocolate shake for good measure, throw some coins into the jukebox. Before you get back on historic Route 66, take a quick selfie in front of their road sign wall.



Follow the Original Highway to Central Avenue



Albuquerque is the only place on Route 66 where the famous highway intersects itself. In a "that's so meta" move, the original Route 66 meets the new stretch at the corner of Fourth and Central Avenues in Downtown ABQ. Follow the old route down Central Avenue to this intersection, then get out and enjoy the thriving commercial district. The aptly named "Crossroads Mall" is a good place to start.


Visit the KiMo Theatre


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Nob Hill and Old Town have their own charms, bringing hip restaurants and ghost tours to the Route 66 landscape in Albuquerque, respectively. Meanwhile, Downtown and East Downtown (EDo) have a thriving art scene, including the historic KiMo Theatre. Not only has the theater been a staple in the community since 1927, but it's one of the city's finest landmarks. Stop, take pictures and get tickets for a show. A ghostly sighting isn't guaranteed, but legend has it you might spot one of a few specters who call the theater home.

Ready to get your kicks?

Rev your engine and point your wheels to Route 66! Click here for a full list of Route 66-themed events in Albuquerque, including limited-time exhibits at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History and the Albuquerque Museum, as well as retro movie nights, Nob Hill 100 celebrations and more.


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