It's week thirty of our #365DaysOfEvents campaign. This week view the total lunar eclipse, take in one of Robin Williams' best films at the KiMo and enjoy local produce and fun at the Local Food Festival & Field Day. For more fun, be sure to check out our events calendar


Steve Larese Signs Balloons Over Albuquerque -

Monday, October 6
Steve Larese Signs Balloons Over Albuquerque

Steve Larese signs his new photo book Balloons Over Albuquerque. This signature Albuquerque event draws over 700 balloonists from around the world, lifting off with the rising sun in the crisp Albuquerque air and floating against the turquoise skies and salmon-pink Sandia Mountains.


Breaking BaD Trolley Tour -

Tuesday, October 7
Breaking BaD Trolley Tour

Tour the filming locations of the award winning TV series Breaking Bad from the trolley. During this 3 hour tour, see Walter's house, Los Pollos Hermanos and more.

Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing -

Wednesday, October 8
Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing

It will be worth getting up early to see a total lunar eclipse! The total eclipse will be visible for about an hour starting at 4:30am. Track the Earth's shadow across the moon and view other objects in the early morning sky through telescopes.

Performance: The Drowning Girls -

Thursday, October 9
Performance: The Drowning Girls

The Drowning Girls is a lively, surprising and poetically stunning piece that promises to take your breath away. Bessie, Alice, and Margaret have two things in common: they are all married to George Joseph Smith, and they are dead. Emerging from the bathtubs in which they were murdered, the women conduct an investigation of their own - what led them to their watery graves and who is to blame?

Robin Williams Retrospective: Good Morning, Vietnam -

Friday, October 10
Robin Williams Retrospective: Good Morning, Vietnam

Remember comedian Robin Williams with this screening of Good Morning, Vietnam, a performance that earned him his first Oscar nomination. A new Disc Jockey is shipped from Crete to Vietnam to bring humor to Armed Forces Radio. He turns the studio on its ear and becomes wildly popular with the troops but runs afoul of the middle management.

New Mexico Philharmonic Concert: Beethoven’s 9th -

Saturday, October 11
New Mexico Philharmonic Concert: Beethoven's 9th

The New Mexico Philharmonic season begins with two Number 9s, by two of the greats Haydn and Beethoven. Enjoy music from two of the most well-known classical works of all time.

Local Food Festival and Field Day -

Sunday, October 12
Local Food Festival and Field Day
Join is at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House for the Local Food Festival and Field Day. Enjoy great local food, chat with farming experts, live music, kid's activities and more!