#TrueABQ Live Talks Beer

#TrueABQ Live Talks Beer

Albuquerque has been experiencing a decade-long beer boom, and with 6 new breweries opened last year, the industry continues to grow strong. With so many tap rooms to choose from and such dynamic flavor options, Albuquerque proves to be the perfect city to expand your tastebuds. Watch our Facebook stream with John Gozigian from the New Mexico Brewers Guild at Canteen Brewhouse as we talk and taste to learn more about exactly what sets us apart when it comes to our flavorful and growing beer community.



You can also find the stream on our Facebook to see live viewer interaction!


All those delicious pours and we've only scratched the surface! We hope to see you and your friends on a sunny patio or next to us on a bustling bartop tasting these exceptional brews for yourself! Our down-to-earth brewing community welcomes you with open arms. Cheers!

Visit Albuquerque encourages you to enjoy responsibly.



Tracy Cox
Tracy is a born-and-raised Albuquerque native who spends her days hiking the Sandias with her hound dog, cruising around in her 60-series Land Cruiser, cooking, drinking local IPAs with friends on her favorite Albuquerque patios, traveling, and will take both red and green with an egg over medium, thank you very much. She discovered her love for writing at the age of 8 and finds Albuquerque’s unique and boundless character to be the perfect creative muse. Tracy is the Social Media & Content Specialist for Visit Albuquerque. The opinions shared on this blog are her own. 
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