Pamela & Don Michaelis: Arts

Pamela & Don Michaelis: Arts

More than 20 years ago, Pamela and Don founded The Collectors Guide, a showcase for the visual arts of Northern New Mexico. Producing the Guide brought them into the studios of Albuquerque’s most fascinating painters, sculptors, jewelers and weavers. Over the years they have accumulated a vast collection of art that spans genres, mediums and styles. Pamela and Don frequently volunteer their expertise with arts organizations, sharing the knowledge that they have gleaned over decades in the industry. In addition, Pamela and Don know Albuquerque’s museum directors and gallery owners, what they specialize in and where to find the best of every genre.


Questions & Answers

Q: We will be in Albuquerque from Dec. 7-14. What will be going on that will be of special interest for the holidays in the Arts & Museum Dept.?
A: Hi Jane,
Here are a few suggestions:

A fun way to see and learn about Albuquerque's roots is the Albuquerque Museum's Old Town walking tour led by Museum docents. The tours usually happen at 11am. If that sounds fun, call Theresa Sedillo at 505-243-7255. The current special exhibit at the Museum is fascinating - "Sensory Crossovers: Synesthesia in American Art". Also, the Museum's gift shop is truly wonderful – lots of great art and craft from New Mexico artists.

Don't miss meandering around Nob Hill at this holiday time. Central Avenue from about Morningside on the east to Girard on the West. ie. Mariposa Gallery at 3500 Central will have a show featuring Kenyon Thomas, a revered porcelain artist, and his artist daughters.

In the heart of downtown is a gallery named Sumner & Dene - 517 Central Avenue. It's a trip all of its own! Across the street at 516 Arts is a great exhibition that will continue until December 11 called "Street Text" ... fascinating.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center has a show called New Mexico Furniture is Art. If you go, ask if you can visit the Torreon (tower), where fresco artist Frederico Vigil has spent the past 7 years creating the world's largest concave fresco depicting the history of NM.

A good arts calendar for you to check out is Collector's Guide.

Hope this gives you some starting points.
Q: Do you consult with local artist on approaching the local art scene?
A: Alas, we do not. We think that you should contact Creative Albuquerque; visit with the artists at the Harwood Art Center on 7th and Mountain Road; visit 516 Arts at 516 Central downtown; talk to some gallery owners such as Roy Johnson at Sumner & Dene across the street from 516 Arts and/or Regina Held at Matrix Fine Art and New Grounds, 3812 Central Ave.
Q: Why isnt there a weekly artists market like Santa Fe? I know about the Growers Market but they only allow a couple of artists and it is not jurried.
The Santa Fe Artists Market has taken more than 20 years to develop. It was created by artists and continues to be run by the artists who have formed a cooperative. That's what it takes --- a grass roots initiative. 
The artists in Albuquerque tend to be individualists and mavericks. There are, however, a few small galleries which are open by appointment and which have periodic shows for different artists. I'm thinking of Sara Smith Contemporary in Corrales. Or there's 105 Studios at 105 Fourth Street SW in downtown ABQ.

Q: My sweetheart is a very gifted artist and we are considering relocating to Albuquerque area. Do any galleries there take artwork for sale from someone that is not a local artist?
A: We hope you love Albuquerque as much as we do!
The galleries in Albuquerque (and throughout northern New Mexico) represent the artwork of artists from all over the world. Of course, because this is such an artist-rich state, most galleries carry a lot of local and regional artists. Your sweetheart will need to visit a lot of galleries with his portfolio in hand. That's the only way to judge if the work will fit. Also, he should do some advance reconnoitering on the web. Visit for a good overview of galleries in our area.
Best of luck to you and your sweetheart.
Q: I have been told that on the weekends there is a area downtown Albuqurque that many artists come to to sell their items. Do they still do this and where is it located?
Yes, that's right. Every Saturday morning  (June - October) from 7-11am artisans, musicians and local growers gather at Robinson Park (8th & Central S.W.) downtown. At this Downtown Growers Market you will find everything from freshly harvested produce and New Mexico varieties of honey, to a wonderful variety of arts and crafts vendors who sell paintings, pictures, artwork, fantastic scented soaps, pottery, jewelry, wood carvings and so much more. It's a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.
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