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Through April 2, 2017
The organized Jewish community of Albuquerque has roots which go back over one hundred years. Though our community is one percent of the total population of the city, Jews have been leaders in business, law, medicine, as well as in the arts and inter-group relations. This exhibit will present highlights of the growth and development of the Albuquerque Jewish...
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  • Time: Various
  • Recurrence: Recurring every 7 days
  • Admission: Varies - call each Pueblo for admission prices

  • Location: Various Albuquerque Area Pueblos

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Native American Feast Days

Native American feast days allow tribal members to come together in a renewal of their language, culture and religion. On these days, the communities celebrating a feast day are often open to the public, and members of the tribe will prepare a variety of bountiful meals to share with their visiting guests. Visitors are often fascinated to see that pueblo life is a window to another world. Not relegated to history books or museums, this is a living culture that carries on the centuries-old traditions of their ancestors.

Feast days are as much celebrations of ancient Native American heritage as they are commemorations of Catholic saints. Feast days include traditional dances, cultural activities, food and arts vendors. Each dance tells a different story and serves a different purpose. Every dance is considered a prayer, not a performance. Drums beat with an insistent cadence and the air is filled with the fragrance of piñon smoke.

For a complete schedule of Native American Feast Days and contact information for each Pueblo, please refer to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center's website.


  • 1st: Transfer of Canes to New Pueblo Tribal Officials
  • 6th: King's Day Celebration honoring New Pueblo Officials
  • 23rd: San Ildefonsus Feast Day
  • 25th: St. Paul's Feast Day


  • 1st or 2nd weekend: Governor's Feast


  • 9th: St. Joseph's Feast Day


  • Easter Weekend: Various Dances at most Pueblos


  • 1st: St. Phillip Feast Day and Santa Maria Feast Day
  • 3rd: Santa Cruz Feast Day
  • Memorial Day Weekend: Jemez Pueblo, Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show & Pow-Wow 


  • Memorial Day Weekend: Jemez Pueblo, Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show & Pow-Wow   
  • 13th: St. Anthony Feast Day
  • 24th: St. John the Baptist Feast Day
  • 29th: Peter/St. Paul Feast Day


  • 14th: St. Bonaventure Feast Day
  • 25th: Santiago Feast Day
  • 26th: St. Anne Feast Day


  • 2nd: Persingula Feast Day
  • 10th: San Lorenzo Feast Day
  • Anniversary of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680
  • 28th: St. Augustine Feast Day


  • Labor Day Weekend: Santo Domingo Pueblo Annual Arts & Crafts Market
  • 2nd: San Estevan Feast Day


  • 4th: St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day
  • 17th: St. Margaret Mary's Feast Day


  • 12th: San Diego Feast Day
  • Thanksgiving Weekend: Sky City (Acoma) Annual Indian Arts & Crafts Show & Auction


  • 24th: Christmas Eve Celebration (dances at most Pueblos)
  • 25th: Christmas Day Celebration (dances at most Pueblos) 

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