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Through April 2, 2017
The organized Jewish community of Albuquerque has roots which go back over one hundred years. Though our community is one percent of the total population of the city, Jews have been leaders in business, law, medicine, as well as in the arts and inter-group relations. This exhibit will present highlights of the growth and development of the Albuquerque Jewish...
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Event Details
  • Time: 9am-5pm, daily.
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • Admission: $3-$6

  • Location: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

  • 2401 12th St. N.W., Albuquerque, NM 87104
  • Phone: 505-843-7270
  • Event Website

Exhibition: Original Instructions-Pueblo Sovereignty and Pueblo Governance

For Pueblo people, governance is integrated into all aspects of conscious living and depends upon maintaining balance among all living things in the Universe. Yet three successive colonizing nations have tried to redefine our way of life and right to exist on our own terms. In 1864, the U.S. government presented canes to each of the 19 Pueblo Governors as a symbol of their new relationship with the U.S. The canes were modeled after those given by the Spanish in 1620, and those given by the Mexicans in 1828, and today these canes are still passed through the line of succession of Pueblo Governors. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center's new exhibit "The Original Instructions: Pueblo Sovereignty and Governance" explores sovereignty, governance and future leadership while reflecting upon the history and symbolism of the Lincoln canes. The exhibit also looks at the evolving nature of Pueblo ingenuity, perseverance and resilience and our right of existence from a Pueblo perspective.